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Forestry Truck is our specialty. As a commercial heavy truck dealer our main focus is on selling used forestry bucket trucks, but we also have the best heavy duty truck inventory: including, former used Asplundh tree trucks, tree service trucks, tree trimming bucket trucks, chipper trucks, chipper dump trucks, elevator bucket trucks, tree trucks, arborist trucks, and bucket chipper trucks. We proudly sell and deliver all over the United States and beyond! Let us deliver your next forestry truck right to you!

We are a used commercial heavy truck dealership specializing in Forestry Trucks & Tree Equipment

Welcome to Agra Trailers, Inc. Forestry Truck & Equipment Sales

If you want to buy a bucket truck, we are the best dealership to shop for used bucket trucks for sale. We update our inventory often, so be sure to browse our website often and check out to see what we have in stock. In fact, we may have bucket truck for sale you want in stock that may not be listed here. If you do not see what you’re looking for, CONTACT US today and let us help you find the right equipment for the job! Remember: we offer special delivery of your right to your door.

Agra Trailers, Inc. is your large commercial truck sales dealership.

Forestry Truck

Please check out our forestry truck sales division.

Agra Trailers, Inc carries some of the best forestry bucket trucks in the United States, maybe worldwide.

Bucket Truck For Sale

Used Forestry Trucks For Sale

Used Forestry Trucks For SaleOur primary focus is offering used forestry trucks for sale. We stock in our inventory mostly GMC, Chevrolet, Ford and International brands of chassis. Most of the aerial devices are either Altec or Terex Hi-Ranger. At times you will also find chassis such as Freightliner, Sterling, and Mack just to mention a few. Other boom manufacturers can be found sometimes too, like Aerial Lift of Connecticut, Versalift, Teco, and others. We make sure our Used Forestry Trucks For Sale are ready to go to production immediately after purchase. We strive to make sure that you can go right to work, and make money once you buy your unit. If a new finish is applied to a truck, we make sure to give each unit a good paint job. That starts with cleaning it very thoroughly and even stand blasting steel components if needed. Then it is given a multi-step paint job, so you will look very professional when you show up to the job site. Give us a call today at 1 (866) 792-5093 to buy your next truck.

Elevator Forestry Bucket Trucks

Elevator Forestry Bucket Trucks are configured in a similar layout and design as their standard tree truck cousins, but have an extra ten feet of working height to help tree experts handle those extra tall trees. The aerial device remains as compact as a standard boom, because the extra reach is provided by a lifting mechanism underneath the boom’s turret. The unit also has a chipper dump box to help with hauling away job-site brush and wood that has been chipped up into mulch. We usually have one or more of these unique and highly productive vehicles in stock. Give us a call today at 1-866-792-5093

Elevator Forestry Bucket Trucks For Sale

Tree Trucks For Sale

Tree Trucks

A Tree Truck is a vehicle with an aerial lift device that conducive for the use of lifting the operator high enough to trim and remove trees. The aerial device is also generally more lightweight and more able to articulate through branches, around the tree and other obstacles. This is usually achieved by implementing a double over-center configuration. The double over-center configuration allows each boom of the lift mechanism to move past the center line radius in either direction. This specialized piece of equipment is generally mounted on behind the cab for the chassis to allow a chip dump box on the back, or mounted on the rear to allow more mobility and reduce weight; as well as, enhance visibility around the truck. Some professionals refer to them as arborist trucks. If you are looking to purchase a Tree Truck, we have many in stock and ready to go.

Used Forestry Truck For Sale

If you are searching for forestry trucks for sale, or you want a to see tree trimming trucks for sale, we are your one stop shop. Our family has four generations of tree service industry experience. We started our company over fifty years ago with a the purchase of a stump grinder. Our we were also farmers. We have owned a dealership since the the early 1980s, and over the years have shifted our primary focus to tree care industry vehicle sales. We understand your needs, because we were once in the same industry as our customers. When you give us a call, you will quickly realize you have made a great choice. We are glad you found our website! We are happy you are here, because as a used heavy duty commercial truck dealership, we offer the some of the best units in the country. Look around and you will see that we have some of the best trucks that can be found. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Agra Trailers is here to service each customer with quality units.

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