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Forestry Trucks

Agra Trailers, Inc has all kinds of forestry trucks. Elevator forestry buckets, tree trimming booms, all types of cherry pickers for sale!

Elevator Forestry Truck

Forestry trucks are specialized commercial trucks that are designed to trim trees and haul wood chips and brush debris. These types of commercial trucks are rare, forestry trucks generally have a boom mounted behind the cab with a chipper dump box on the back. Most forestry trucks utilize common aerial lifts devices such as a Terex/Hi-Ranger, Aerial lift of Connecticut, Altec, Versalift, and others.

These lift booms are designed to trim and remove trees, they articulate especially quickly and are usually double over center; also the best tree trimming aerial lift booms have 360 degree rotation. Upper controls can either be a pistol grip or three lever control.

In general, diesel forestry trucks do not have pony motors. Most forestry trucks with a pony motor are gasoline powered. Automatic transmissions in forestry trucks are also rare; most for forestry trucks have manual transmissions. No matter your needs or preference, we have a wide selection of forestry bucket trucks for sale.

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